Things I want

Isabelle Mae-Yen Bredt

Isabelle Mae-Yen Bredt

Project Proposal 

Things I want is a series of documented, sculptural installations exploring the surreality of our most intimate surroundings when represented through a screen. Materials and objects are used as coded language, creating a visual investigation of how we assign meaning to our personal space and possessions. Industrial materials such as metal rings and nails are contrasted with the banal softness of textiles. This also addresses aspects of labour, as mass-produced items become incorporated with slow making processes like crochet. This project is interested in how these relationships to our physical world become disturbed when photographed, creating a feeling of unrealness. Documenting the work on a cellphone emphasizes the materiality of the photograph and screen presence. The glimmers of flash and camera grain reference similar snapshots we take in our everyday. Additionally, Things I want centres the body, through using objects that we eat, touch, build, wear, sleep on, in order to encourage a reconfiguration of what we accept as normal. To make room for explicit strangeness in our personal representations of the domestic space.

Artist Bio

Isabelle Mae-Yen Bredt is a transdisciplinary artist based in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) working in sculptural installation, photography, and text. As a daughter of a Hong Kong immigrant, her work explores personal and collective history, as well as notions of displacement. Isabelle is focused on referencing the image in her materials as well as exploring ideas of documentation and representation. Through temporal and domestic materials, she challenges the relationship between art and commodity, art and time.