“One is not born, but rather becomes a body. And one is not born, but rather, becomes a glitch.” -  Legacy Russel, Glitch Feminism.

Do you ever sit so still, that you almost feel your arms float? Or look so intently at something that its very atoms shake and your vision goes blurry?

This collection of work explores intimate dissociation from our new daily lives, stemming from over a year living in a global pandemic. The artists speak to a nostalgia and need for physical contact when stuck in an online everyday. Student collective, HAAL.400., performs on, and with Zoom. Out of sync with each other and embracing the glitch from multiple perspectives.

Madison Strizic, an artist who worked with bread way before the pandemic made baking bread a trend, braids challah, it’s remnants, sealed on parchment paper, become Baker’s Monotype (no.2 & no.3).

Louis-Emile Lalonde’s paintings nod to one of the only joys this winter; the snow sculptures in Montreal’s parks, while Alejandro Torres wraps us in a warm blanket, allowing us to daydream about seasons to come.

Florence Pin’s series of words and photographs encourages a sense of familiarity, of nostalgia, a return to a pre-pandemic world. Paired with Marie-Andree Macameau’s Pas de soleil, pas de Marie and Nadia Mariyan Smith’s To See the Earth Before the End of the World, we hone in on the glitch, the snippet of reality in our interconnected, intangible world. A glitch, not revealing another place, but what was already there that had been so long overlooked.  

“I became myself, I found my body, through becoming, embodying, a glitch.”

Text by Chloë Lalonde

Web Design by Le Lin

Graphic Design by John Mendoza

Facilitated by Julia-Autumn Savoy, Carolina Larrosa, Tyra Maria Trono

Artists: HAAL 400, Madison Strizic, Louis-Emile Lalonde, Alejandro Torres, Florence Pin, Marie-Andree Macameau, Nadia Mariyan Smith

Digression Cabaret in Sum, Video, 30:24mins, 2020.

HAAL.400 (Heather Reid, Abi Stushnoff, Alex Pruneau, Louis-Félix D’Amours)

Baker’s Monotype no. 2, Bread print on baking parchment. 60 x 38 cm, 2020.

Madison Strizic

Baker’s Monotype no. 3, Bread print on baking parchment. 58 x 38.5 cm, 2020.

Madison Strizic

I See Faces in the Park, Oil on canvas, 36” by 24”, 2021.

Louis-Émile Lalonde

Intimacy & Casualty, Video, 9:00mins, 2021.

Alejandro Torres

Special instructions to view work

  • Watch only in darkness (preferably at night) 
  • Do not watch in a device smaller than an iPad or bigger than a laptop 
  • Set the video in 1080p60 
  • Headphones are highly recommended 
  • Watch in bed

Fleurs d’Août, Photography, 2020.

Florence Pin

Objet capable de trancher la peau

Je couperai mes cheveux,
même si tu me dis de ne pas le faire

Pas de Soleil, Pas de Marie,
Virtual Photographic book, 2020-2021.

Marie-Andrée Macameau

In the Garden,
Photography and Video, 1:49mins, 2021.

Nadia Mariyan Smith