What defines a black person? Is it a physical trait? Is it the amount of melanin in their skin or is it the number of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lines they can recite? There is no definitive answer to that question as the black identity is multi-layered in identities and personal experiences. 

Featuring works of photography, visual art, and video montage, As We Are brings together a collective of rising black artists. With the notion of self-exploration and sub-themes of acceptance, community, and vulnerability, the artists express in their works their unique voices and experiences they believe encapsulates the many realities of their black identity. 

Being black goes beyond crossing a checklist of characteristics that would certify the obtention of the fictional black pass. Blackness is a unique experience and black individuals are meant to be cherished and unapologetically accepted for who they are.

Curated by Wendy-Alexina Vancol

Web Design by Le Lin

Graphic Design by John Mendoza

Artists: Laura Kamugisha, Kioni Sasaki-Picou, Renee Matthews, Emem Etti, Morgane Poezevara-Stevens, Sydnie Baynes

Hyphen (Trait d’Union), video, 18:16min, 2020

Laura Kamugisha

There’s Knots in My Hair, photo series, 2020

Kioni Sasaki-Picou

An Experiment, single channel video installation, 10:41min, 2017

Renee Mathews

‘Untitled Anonymous’, digital photography, 2019-2020

Emem Etti

kinks and coils, video/performance, 9:00min, 2018

Morgane Poezevara-Stevens

For White Folks Only, experimental 2D animation, 1:17min, 2020

Sydnie Baynes